About Casement

Roger Casement was born in 29 Sandycove Rd. on September 1st, 1864. He worked for the British Foreign Office as a diplomat and later became a humanitarian activist, poet and Easter Rising leader. Described as the “father of twentieth-century human rights investigations”, Britain honoured him in 1905 for the Casement Report on the Congo. Six years later he was knighted for his important investigations of human rights abuses in Peru.
  Casement grew to distrust imperialism. After retiring from consular service in 1913, he became more involved with Irish republicanism and other separatist movements. During World War I he made efforts to gain German military aid for the 1916 Easter Rising that sought to gain Irish independence. He was arrested, stripped of his knighthood and other honours, convicted and executed for high treason on August 3rd, 1916.

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