Important Message re Eventbrite Bookings

At time of writing (26 April) we have received an overall total of 164 bookings for the 2023 Summer School. This is very heartening and we thank everyone who has booked with us.

At one point our bookings for Friday 5 May reached the limit of 120 and a subsequent message informed potential bookers that the event was sold out. The sold out notice may have been appropriate for the Niamh Bhreathnach session which has been very popular but the other Friday events still had available seats.

We resolved the problem by increasing the limit for that day, causing the sold out notice to disappear. This still leaves a slight possibility that one session will be overbooked, but it is very slight. We have booked twenty five tickets on Eventbrite for long-standing supporters who have not booked online. So, Eventbrite bookings will get priority.

Most of our six sessions over the two days will have available seats for people who have not booked online. It is advisable, however, to attend in good time as these seats will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Dave Alvey, Chair, Roger Casement Summer School